figures in the landscape

I exhibit regularly and am experimenting at the moment with engraving and limited colour on floating panels that reflect historic figures. Their invisibility suggests their absence.   


Emil goes for a walk Illustration for small children's book

I illustrate for childrens books and also for websites

glass panels for sale

Conversation piece. Part of a series. Handblown glass acid etched and painted Isabel Meets Switch Reclining figure. Blue Glass painted and drilled
mother and child

I exhibit my work and have free hanging panels for sale. At present they are only available from my workshop or Blue Ginger Gallery, Stiffords Bridge, herefordshire or from my workshop. Panels can be commissioned. I have created many panels to celebrate people's lives or specific events.

Murals and paintings

After Matisse. Framed painting on glass After Matisse 2. Painting on paper using Oil bars On the edge of the land. Collage on paper
red and blue life painting on glass

I am a painter so include some of my paintings. I also paint murals to commission and am an illustrator. These are some examples of my work.