detail. conversation in a window

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Commission for private house in the Forest of Dean. Small panels in the corners of a glazed door, talking to each other and being affected by the garden beyond. Each corner panel cost £60

Private Houses

Ed Hawley Door

I will visit you in your home bringing with me examples of my work. By experiencing your home, I can see the kind of environment that you enjoy living in, and how you respond to different examples of my work. I can see the position of the window, its aspect, and we can discuss whether its purpose is to enhance the view beyond the window or to hide it.

By looking at examples of my work, we can discuss the influence that the glass will have upon the space and where appropriate, a theme. I will take photographs and measurements and it is the measurements that will determine the price. I then take all this information away with me, and produce a design, which I will submit to you for your approval before beginning the work.

I will begin fabrication on receipt of one third of the full amount; the second third on completion, and the final third on installation. On a large project an intermediate payment might be called for. At present, I charge between £350 and £500 per square foot.

You are welcome to visit me in my studio to discuss the project and see examples of my work. The design fee is included. It is approx. 10% of the overall budget and would be charged as a separate item if the project falls through.

Commissioning for a public building

The same process applies as above, but in addition, in situations where communities will be living with the commission, I would like to meet them and can run workshops to involve them in the design process. Occasionally, small groups are involved in some parts of the fabrication process.